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Duplicata ordonnance de non conciliation agreement

images duplicata ordonnance de non conciliation agreement

The Parties shall cooperate with a view to ensuring the satisfactory application of the legislative, regulatory and administrative provisions listed in Annex 1. Second-hand machinery The legislative, regulatory and administrative provisions listed in section I shall not apply to second-hand machinery. Each Member State and Switzerland shall register, permit the sale or entry into service of new vehicles on grounds relating to their construction and functioning if, and only if, they are accompanied by a valid certificate of conformity. The Parties shall also encourage accreditation bodies to participate in mutual recognition arrangements. It shall be tacitly extended, unless the Community or Switzerland notifies the other Party to the contrary before the expiry of that period. Section V Supplementary provisions 1. In accordance with Article 6 of the Agreement, the Parties shall inform each other in a timely manner when a test facility coming under the terms of section II of this sectoral Chapter which states that it applies Good Laboratory Practice fails to conform to such practice to an extent which may jeopardise the integrity or authenticity of any such studies it conducts. The Parties hereby agree that mutual recognition agreements concluded by either Party with a country that is not party to this Agreement shall in no circumstances entail an obligation upon the other Party in terms of the acceptance of manufacturer's declarations of conformity as well as of reports, certificates, authorisations and marks issued by conformity assessment bodies in that third country, unless there is an explicit agreement between the Parties. If the Committee decides to remove a body from Annex 1, the Parties shall recognise the reports, certificates, authorisations and conformity marks issued by that body until the date on which that decision takes effect.

  • EURLex A(05) EN
  • German Secular Property in Israel (Federal Republic of Germany, Israel), Ordonnance, 3 juil.

  • Cour de l'Ordonnance définitive et du Jugement final, inclusivement. . Le présent Accord de règlement sera nul et non avenu et n'aura ni contrepartie, chacune d'entre elles constituant un duplicata de l'original, qui, ensemble.

    images duplicata ordonnance de non conciliation agreement

    (b) If the other Party agrees to the proposal or raises no objection within 60 days of the. This Agreement is drawn up in duplicate in the Danish, Dutch, English. 24 to 40 of the "Ordonnance sur les déclarations" (RS ) as equivalent to the hold appropriate consultations for the purpose of reaching a settlement. Agreement between the European Community and the Swiss Confederation on certain. This Agreement shall not apply to Covered Entities where they fulfil the.

    This Agreement is drawn up in duplicate in the Danish, Dutch, English.

    EURLex A(05) EN

    of the "Ordonnance sur les indemnités, les prêts et leas aides financières selon la loi.
    The Parties mutually accept studies and data generated therefrom, produced by the test facilities of the other Party listed in section II provided they participate in the Good Laboratory Practice compliance monitoring programme of that Party in accordance with the principles and provisions stated above.

    Article 11 Inclusion of conformity assessment bodies in annex 1 and their removal The Committee shall decide to include a conformity assessment body in Annex 1 or to remove it from Annex 1 in accordance with the following procedure: a A Party wishing to add to or remove from Annex 1 any conformity assessment body shall notify the Chairman of the Committee and the other Party of the proposal for a decision to that effect, adding the appropriate information to its request.

    Labelling of medical devices Manufacturers of both Parties shall indicate their name or trade name and address on the label of medical devices as specified in Annex 1, point The designating authorities shall ascertain by appropriate means whether the conformity assessment bodies under their jurisdiction listed in Annex 1 are observing the general principles of designation listed in Annex 2, subject to the provisions listed in the respective section IV in Annex 1.

    Article 2 Definitions 1.

    images duplicata ordonnance de non conciliation agreement
    The Parties shall mutually recognise that registration.

    The conformity assessment bodies listed in section II shall periodically provide the Member States and the competent Swiss authorities with the information provided for in point 1.

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    In the event of the Contracting Parties failing to reach agreement on the person of the mediator, they shall agree to request the Sovereign of either Denmark, Norway, or Sweden to nominate such mediator.

    United Nations, Treaty Series, vol. The Parties shall compare methods used to verify conformity of the bodies with the general principles of designation outlined in Annex 2, subject to the provisions of the respective section IV in Annex 1.

    German Secular Property in Israel (Federal Republic of Germany, Israel), Ordonnance, 3 juil.

    By Article 7 of an Agreement between the Government of Israel and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, signed at Luxemburg on 10 September1 concerning compensation for German secular property in Israel the "Property Agreement" it was agreed inter alia that.

    Should the negotiations not lead to agreement within nine months from their commencement, and after examination of all documentary proof submitted, the Contracting Parties will agree on a mediator.

    No. 68/ on the election to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, the modification of the.

    Law No. 69/ on the. (5) The number of inhabitants taken into account, accord- If an elector presents a duplicate of the voter's card, the electoral ings presented for settlement to the constituency electoral bureau. No. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and (b) in accordance with any applicable, previously agreed dispute-settlement proce-.

    Done in duplicate at Washington on the thirteenth day of January, in the se, d'une condamnation ou d'une ordonnance de non-lieu exécutoire pour la. Accord relatif A la non-imposition de la contribution fournie par l'Australie pour la mise en valeur cerning the Compulsory Settlement of Disputes. Done at Vienna, on The present Agreement is drawn up in duplicate in the Chinese, Portuguese and English ment des ordonnances, quant A ce qui suit: a) ce qu 'il faut.
    Where the criteria applicable to conformity assessment bodies require the latter to assess the conformity of products, processes or services directly to standards or technical specifications, the designating authorities may use accreditation as a presumption of the conformity assessment body's technical competence provided that it enables assessment of those bodies' ability to apply such standards or technical specifications.

    It shall forthwith notify the other Member States, Switzerland and the Commission thereof, stating the reasons on which its decision is based. If the Member State or Switzerland which granted type-approval disputes the failure to conform notified to it, the Member States concerned and Switzerland shall endeavour to settle the dispute.

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    Between the closure of the written pleadings and the date fixed for the hearings, both parties joined in requesting the Mediator to make a further effort to reach a settlement of the case, before any additional formal proceedings were commenced.

    Where such notification is given, the provisions of paragraph 4 shall apply.

    For the designation of conformity assessment bodies, the designating authorities shall refer to their respective legislative, regulatory and administrative provisions as listed in section I. The Parties recognise the equivalence of each other's compliance monitoring programmes on Good Laboratory Practice that are in accordance with the OECD decisions and recommendations mentioned above and the legislative, regulatory and administrative procedures and principles listed in section IV.

    images duplicata ordonnance de non conciliation agreement
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    If, in exceptional cases, doubts persist and the requesting Party can justify special concern, it may, in accordance with Article 8 of the Agreement, designate one or more experts of its authorities listed in section III to participate in a laboratory inspection or the audit of a study conducted by the authorities of the other Party.

    Vehicle type-approval safeguard clauses Registration and entry into service 1.

    Conformity marks required by the legislation of one of the Parties must be affixed to products placed on the market of that Party. Article 16 Annexes The Annexes to this Agreement shall form an integral part thereof. However, the reference quality requirements of products to be exported, including their manufacturing method and product specifications, shall be those of the relevant marketing authorisation granted by the competent authority of the importing Party.

    images duplicata ordonnance de non conciliation agreement

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    1. Each batch exported shall be accompanied by a batch certificate established by the manufacturer self-certification after a full qualitative analysis, a quantitative analysis of all the active ingredients and all the other tests or checks necessary to ensure the quality of the product in accordance with the requirements of the marketing authorisation.